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Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about The Card Counter and how and where to watch the full movie online for free right now at home. Is ...
September 18, 2021

Here’s a guide to everything you need to know about The Card Counter and how and where to watch the full movie online for free right now at home. Is The Card Counter 2021 available to stream? Is watching The Card Counter online free on Disney Plus, HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu, Prime? Yes we have found an authentic streaming link. Details on how you can watch movies for free throughout the year are described below.

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The Card Counter is a 2021 American crime drama film written and directed by Paul Schrader. It stars Oscar Isaac, Tiffany Haddish, Tye Sheridan, and Willem Dafoe. Martin Scorsese serves as an executive producer.

It had its world premiere at the 78th Venice International Film Festival on September 2, 2021.[2] It is scheduled to be released on September 10, 2021,

Thanks to the Covid-19 pandemic, the world of movies has been impacted like never before with films either moving online or having their release dates delayed.

Despite the changing landscape, new films have still found their way onto our screens including the latest effort from writer and director Paul Schrader, The Card Counter.

But just where will film fans be able to watch The Card Counter when it releases? Is the film streaming or only in cinemas?

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Following its premiere on September 2nd, The Card Counter will make its debut in the US and Canada on September 10th, 2021.

The film has differing release dates depending on the country in question with UK fans having to wait until November 5th.

Starring Oscar Isaac, The Card Counter tells the story of a character named William Tell – a potential reference to the Swiss folk hero of the same name.

Tell is an ex-military interrogator turned gambler and is haunted by the demons of his past.

All he wants to do is play card but when he is approached by a young man named Cirk, who has a plan for revenge against a military colonel, Tell is forced back into the life of darkness he wanted to leave behind.


The Card Counter will be available to watch in theaters when it releases in the US and Canada on September 10th.

That’s right, fans will have to venture out to the cinema in order to see The Card Counter on the big screen.

Readers in the US can find out which venues are screening the film and can get tickets here.

No streaming options will be available upon the film’s initial release but fans will be able to buy/rent the film on digital stores when The Card Counter returns for its home release.

On top of that, there’s nothing to stop The Card Counter from being added to a streaming service such as Netflix or Amazon Prime Video somewhere later down the line.

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Is The Card Counter On HBO MAX?

No. The Card Counter is a Universal movie, not a Warner Bros. movie, and therefore will not be streaming on HBO Max when it opens in theaters. While HBO Max—which is owned by Warner Media—has been the streaming home for Warner Bros. movies like The Suicide Squad, it will not be the streaming home for Universal movies like The Card Counter.

Is The Card Counter On NETFLIX?

No. The Card Counter (2021) is not on Netflix, and likely will not be on Netflix any time soon. However, if you’re craving some horror, you can watch the first Conjuring movie on Netflix.

Is The Card Counter on Hulu?

‘The Card Counter’ is currently not available for streaming on Hulu. However, audiences looking for similar creature features can try watching ‘Crawl,’ ‘Dustwalker,’ and ‘Sea Fever’ instead. All of them feature varied kinds of deadly monsters that will thrill/scare you for sure.

Is The Card Counter on Amazon Prime?

‘The Card Counter’ is not streaming on Amazon Prime Videos as of now but is likely to become available on-demand in the near future. You can buy or rent the first film here. Prime members searching for similar films can alternatively watch ‘Cold Skin,’ which is another scary monster flick.


Oscar Isaac of Star Wars, Dune and Ex Machina fame takes on the starring role in The Card Counter as military interrogator turned gambler, William Tell.

He is joined in the main cast by Tye Sheridan of the recent X-Men films and Ready Player One who takes on the role of Cirk.

Tiffany Haddish (The Carmichael Show, Girls Trip and Like a Boss) also stars and plays the mysterious gambling financier La Linda, who backs Tell and Cirk on their poker-playing exploits.

And the final member of the main cast is Willem Dafoe of 2002’s Spider-Man, The Lighthouse, At Eternity’s Gate, who portrays Major John Gordo, the target of Cirk’s vengeful plan.

Tiffany Haddish on ‘The Card Counter’ and What She Learned From Working with Oscar Isaac

With writer-director Paul Schrader’s fantastic new movie, The Card Counter, opening in select theaters this weekend, I recently had the chance to speak with Tiffany Haddish about making the revenge thriller.

During the interview, Haddish talks about what drew her to the material, what she learned from working with Oscar Isaac, the way he did so much in a scene by doing so little, why it’s easier for her to do dramatic roles than comedy, what she was shocked to learn about professional gamblers, and more. In addition, she teases playing the straight man in The Unbearable Weight of Massive Talent opposite Nicolas Cage.

The upcoming film sees Cage playing himself with Pedro Pascal playing a superfan who invites Cage to his birthday party and ropes him into recreating some of his finest movie moments. I could not be more excited for a movie.

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