Smithsonian Channel goes to the zoo for season two

With a panda earning 1.9 million Facebook shares in season one, it's no wonder the digital series Wild Inside the National Zoo has been renewed.
August 22, 2016

The Smithsonian Channel is going wild again. Following a successful first season, the channel, which is a joint venture between Showtime and the Smithsonian Institution, has renewed its original digital series Wild Inside the National Zoo for a second season.

Premiering on Aug. 20 on all of Smithsonian Channel’s digital platforms, season two of the series will comprise six episodes. From kiwi chicks to maned wolves to swamp monkeys and pandas, the show will once more explore surprising stories of animal life at Smithsonian’s National Zoo in Washington D.C.

Each episode of Wild Inside the National Zoo delivers a new animal story told first-hand from human handlers, some featuring standout celebrities. Episode one, for example, stars Tien Tien the panda, who became a viral sensation after a video capturing his playful blizzard romp last winter became the second most shared Facebook video in the Q1 2016, with 1.9 million shares.

Both season one and two of the show will be available later this year in Smithsonian Earth, Smithsonian Networks’ subscription 4K video streaming service. Season one of Wild Inside the National Zoo tallied over 10 million video views.

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