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Cheetah Mobile pounces on News Republic

The app developer has purchased the global news service operator, which will drive content operations alongside its live streaming and gaming ventures.
August 19, 2016

Chinese mobile internet company Cheetah Mobile has just made a significant step to becoming a full-fledged global content business. The Beijing-based app developer, which already counts live video streaming app among its product roster, has acquired global mobile news service operator News Republic in a bid to bolster its content offering in three key areas: news, live streaming and gaming.

News Republic is known for leveraging editorial, algorithmic and community intelligence to provide personalized mobile news services via its app, providing users access to videos, articles and photos from such news outlets as Reuters, Associated Press, Agency France-Presse and BBC International. It will now drive Cheetah’s news content operations alongside its live video broadcasting and casual gaming ventures, helping to strengthen four key supporting pillars of Cheetah’s content strategy: copyrighted content; ranking algorithm and personalization technology; distribution channels and promotion resources; and local news operations expertise.

It was News Republic’s strong relationships with media partners that made it particularly attractive to the company Josh Ong, director of brand strategy and communications at Cheetah, told StreamDaily in an email.

“News Republic is a highly engaging app dedicated to serving personalized content to its users. Video content is a huge trend in the industry these days, and Cheetah Mobile is following it closely. Our video broadcasting app has been a top-ranked social networking app on both Google Play and the App Store in the U.S. As we look to further our content strategy, we saw News Republic as the company totally committed to quality content, and ultimately the end user,” he said.

Cheetah’s acquisition of the Bordeaux, France-based company is a significant part of a new content product strategy from the company that, capitalizing on the increasing trend of mobile video consumption, is designed to improve the content experience it provides to its 600 million-plus users worldwide. That strategy includes pursuing partnerships with content publishers like News Republic, influencers and creators (through apps like, and helping them find their best audiences and realize the full potential of their content, while applying its machine learning expertise to bear to make the content experience more personal.

“We believe there’s room for a new type of machine intelligence that anticipates users’ content needs. With our combined big data and machine learning strengths, Cheetah Mobile is in an ideal position to help solve the content discovery issue for consumers around the world,” said Ong.

To that end, Cheetah Mobile is still on the prowl for other strategic content investments, he added.

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