Studio71 adds new round of influencers

The network's new faces hail from the beauty, comedy, music and tech verticals, all of which are trending upward, says company president Dan Weinstein.
August 10, 2016

Studio71 has added seven new digital influencers to its roster of online talent, which already includes online superstars Lilly Singh, Epic Meal Time and, more recently, former wrestler and movie star Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson.

New faces to the network are:

  • YouTube musicians Kina Grannis (1.1 million subs) and Tiffany Alvord (2.8 million);
  • Vine comedian Alx James (8.1 million followers);
  • Beauty vlogger Tina Young (767,000 YouTube fans);
  • Tech review channel TechSmartt (one million YouTube subs);
  • Tal Fishman (whose YouTube channel Reaction Time has 1.5 million subs); and
  • YouTube sketch comedy channel Miles Gia Productions (600,000 subs).

In total, the influencers bring 6.6 million subscribers to Studio71’s YouTube network.

Dan Weinstein, president at Studio71, said in a statement that the lifestyle, beauty, tech and music verticals are continuing to trend upward on social platforms, making the new round of influencers the perfect kind to attract content-hungry millennial and Gen Z audiences.

The goal with these influencers, Weinstein said, is to expand on their branding opportunities and find new ways to raise their profile outside of their native platforms. For example, Singh, who started out performing comedic impressions of her parents on camera, has since embarked on a global live tour, released a movie and recorded a hip-hop single, while the bacon-loving Morenstein brothers of Epic Meal Time have now released several cookbooks and are currently prepping for a linear series on the CBC.

Pictured: Musician and YouTuber Kina Grannis

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