Machinima reveals international roll-out for Combiner Wars

With a sizable audience in Asia and the increased vitality of the Chinese market, the network has placed an increased emphasis on international content.
August 2, 2016

Gaming, comic and action-focused MCN Machinima has revealed the international roll-out schedule for its newest series, Transformers: Combiner Wars. With a sizable audience in Asia and the increased vitality of the Chinese market for digital media cos (particularly in the e-sports vertical), Machinima has placed an increased emphasis on international content as of late.

The new series, which bowed Aug. 2, is being distributed exclusively on Verizon’s mobile-first, ad-supported service, go90 in the U.S., and in China through the professional content platform Sohu.

Machinima has also announced that in all other countries, the series will be available on both YouTube and Vimeo. On all platforms, episodes will roll out once per week. On YouTube, only the three most recent episodes will be available at one time.

The eight-episode series, which features the voice talent of YouTube stars John Bailey, Charlie Guzman and Anna Akana, is the first chapter in a three-series agreement struck by Machinima and Hasbro, known as the Transformers Generations Prime Wars Triology. It takes place 40 years after a great war on Earth, when the long-feuding Autobots and Decepticons have disbanded and returned to their home planet of Cybertron. Old grudges resurface when the Transformers discover the ability to combine multiple machines into one more powerful, dangerous form.

Machinima recently inked its deal with Sohu to bring its original content (including Combiner Wars, Training Camp and The Bacca Chronicles) to China, marking a continuation of its international content push. Earlier this year, Machinima signed an agreement with AMC Networks International Iberia to bring its content to Spain and Portugal.

It’s no wonder the network has been shopping its content to other countries — according to Machinima, of the 3.8 billion monthly video views Machinima’s content receives, 60% come from countries different than where the content was produced.



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