Abrams launches in-house digital studio

Entrepreneur Network is the first to partner with the talent agency's influencers in a digital series showcasing innovative startups and new-gen entrepreneurs.
July 28, 2016

When Abrams Artists Agency moved into a new earlier this year, it did so with a particular plan in mind.

The talent agency is home to a growing pool of online influencers who hold sway with millions of viewers across platforms like YouTube, Vine and Snapchat.

The relationship those creators have with their fans is fueled largely through vlogging and social-media conversations that, in turn, have shaped a new generation of digital entrepreneurs who work with brands, sell merch, books and products related to their fields of influence and expertise, from sports and gaming to the DIY, beauty, and faith verticals.

It just made sense to help that talent be able to talk with their audience as easily and efficiently as possible.

To that end, the new Abrams office space now includes Abrams Digital Studios, a production space designed specifically for visiting creators, including those the agency has signed and some it wants to sign.

“We’re not intending to compete with YouTube by any stretch of the imagination,” said Alec Shankman, SVP and head of alternative programming, digital media and licensing at Abrams in L.A., in reference to the mega-digital studios under the YouTube Spaces brand.

Rather, the Abrams studio provides green screens and editing equipment to give influencers the tools they need to craft and post professional videos.

“It is a really fun way for our clients, many of whom don’t live here, but they are visiting and travelling here all the time, with a nice resource. It gives them an excuse to come see us,” said Shankman.

The studio has also proven a magnet to third-parties looking to connect with creative digital talent. Entrepreneur Network, the video arm of Entrepreneur magazine, has partnered with several Abrams influencers to create a digital series showcasing innovative startups and new-gen entrepreneurs.

The series, which will be distributed via Entrepreneur’s digital platforms, will feature interviews with the likes of Missy Lynn, Brittani Louise Taylor (pictured), Olivia Sui and Jessie Paege. Also participating is FashionTap, a fashion co fresh off the heels of an appearance on Shark Tank, where its founder Amy Roiland pitched an app that allows users to sell their makeup, clothes and accessories.

In each episode of the Entrepreneur series, the interviewees talk about what inspires them and what the “entrepreneur” label means to them. All the interviews were recorded in the newly launched studio space.

“We’re really excited about the things our clients are doing. This new generation of millennial content creator/influencer talent (is) creating multi-million-dollar businesses right and left. It’s really impressive,” said Shankman.

Shankman said the agency is exploring more partnership opportunities that tap the new studio’s offerings.

“At the end of the day, brands are trying to figure out the right way to get in business with and engage with these top influencers who are coming into our studio every day. This (studio) is a unique property that can allow that to happen,” he said.


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