Rooster Teeth seeks the next big gaming sensation

The new series for young gamers is part of AT&T's strategy to build influencer reach and increase the potential for rev-share and branded deals.
July 27, 2016

Rooster Teeth, the digital media co known for web classic like Red Vs. Blue and its popular Let’s Play franchise, is moving deeper into the rapidly expanding gaming vertical with a new digital series focused on competitive gamers.

Schooled will follow Rooster Teeth co-founder Geoff Ramsey as he recruits and trains a team of young gamers (eight and 12 years) to face off against an experienced team from Rooster Teeth’s staff in a winner-take-all finale.

The series is part of the AT&T Hello Lab, an incubator program that is the result of a partnership between AT&T and Rooster Teeth parent co Fullscreen Media.

The program was conceived with the intent of building up influencers’ audience reach through highly interactive projects, such as Shonduras’s Make my Monday Snapchat series, in which the vlogger takes audience suggestions for what adventures he should embark on; and Grace Helbig’s Writing With Grace, which featured Helbig taking audience suggestions for how to plot her upcoming young adult novel.

The goal for Schooled is to introduce Rooster Teeth, which plays largely to a millennial and Gen-Z audience, to a younger audience, which plays into the strategy of the incubator “lab” to raise the profile and viewership of its influencer partners, giving them more monetization potential through platform rev-share and brand deals.

The series is currently in the stage of recruiting competitors. Parents of children who wish to participate can send in video submissions to Rooster Teeth.

Competitive gaming series aren’t exactly a new phenomenon in digital — similar series such as Endemol’s Legends of Gaming and Machinima’s Chasing the Cup have been running for several seasons. But both franchises have managed to gain tens of millions of views over the years, with Chasing the Cup even making an appearance on linear television.

“We’re getting pretty old here at Rooster Teeth, so it’s time to start passing on our knowledge to a younger generation,” said Ramsey in a statement. “As a father and gamer, I’m excited to get the chance to work with these kids, and to make a show for everyone who is into gaming, including families. And hopefully my team beats the adults.”

Pictured: Long-running Rooster Teeth series Red Vs. Blue

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