BitTorrent News goes live in Cleveland

Like digital brands Vice and The Young Turks, the new channel aims to lure millennial audiences who are disenchanted with traditional news networks.
July 19, 2016

Just weeks after making public its plans to launch a live news service along the lines of Vice or The Young Turks, BitTorrent News has gone live. 

The channel, which can found on the BitTorrent Live platform, began broadcasting July 18 at the Republican National Convention in Cleveland. The channel has a mandate to provide an “informed, independent voice” in real-time as news breaks.

Like other digital news brands already operating online, the BitTorrent channel aims to lure millennials and younger audiences who are disenchanted with the traditional news agencies preferred by mom and dad.

“Television news has been stagnating for some time,” said Erik Schwartz, VP of media for BitTorrent, in a statement. “It’s having trouble appealing to a generation that grew up online.”

To that end, BitTorrent News is expected to play up live-streaming and social capabilities, offering play-by-play commentary on notable developments and speeches during both the RNC and Democratic conventions. The comments will be interspersed with guest commentary in real-time, with a total of 10-12 hours of live coverage every day during the political events.

Each morning will start with two hours of live programming; daily coverage will then continue throughout the afternoon, with a wrap-up segment for an hour after the final speeches each day.

Led by news director Harrison Bohrman, the BitTorrent News team is made up of a journalists including Michael Shure, former chief political correspondent for the now-defunct Al Jazeera America and Rita Chan, previously with Al Jazeera and Fox News. More recently, the team added Josh Rubin, the executive producer and managing editor for The Daily Dot and a veteran political reporter with CNN. Rubin came on board as a result of an editorial partnership between BitTorrent and The Daily Dot.

BitTorrent Live is currently available on Apple TV and Amazon Fire TV.

Photo: RNC convention in Cleveland, courtesy of The Daily Dot

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