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Cartoon Network goes mobile in the Philippines

Turner and Globe Telecom have rolled out two apps to dish out children's content to the telco's subscribers in the country.
July 14, 2016

The Cartoon Network is going mobile in the Philippines.

Turner Asia Pacific and Philippines mobile brand Globe Telecom have rolled out two new ways to watch the channel on smartphones for Globe subscribers.

The Cartoon Network Watch and Play app includes live streams of the linear channel and additional VOD content for kids, while the Cartoon Network Anything app offers up the network’s best short-form content, as well as trivia quizzes, games and activities and interactive video games.

The two apps are particularly popular in the Southeast Asian region, said Phil Nelson, Turner managing director for Southeast Asia, in a statement.

“These products provide a convenient avenue for Filipinos to enjoy the most popular kids’ content wherever they are and in a safe and flexible way,” he said.

Cartoon Network is the number-one children’s channel in the Philippines, according to the Katar Media Group.

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