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Viewers grab focus in Vimeo app upgrades

The premium VOD service has long followed a "creator-first" approach. Now, it seeks to deliver a better experience to mainsteam users, too.
July 11, 2016

With an eye on boosting content discoverability, Vimeo has unveiled upgrades to its mobile features on Android and iOS.

“Vimeo’s always been known as a really creator-focused platform. But what we’re starting to do, and what we’ll continue doing over the next 12 months, is really focus more on the audience experience,” said Jon Sheldrick, mobile product lead for the VOD company, in an interview with StreamDaily.

To that end, the latest upgrade allows users access to Vimeo’s transactional service, Vimeo On Demand, in the Vimeo native mobile app.

Vimeo On Demand content will now be featured on the app’s home page, which will allow the platform’s premium content — like the comedy series High Maintenance (pictured), which was picked up by HBO for a linear run — to be seen by more users.

Over the past decade, the company has earned a reputation in the industry a “creator-tools first” platform known for quality of its content it offers in the VOD space.

But, with these new upgrades, Vimeo is showing a willingness to strike a balance between pleasing the artist and delivering a better experience to mainsteam viewers.

“Prior to these updates, (the app) was very creator-focused: upload and share your work. We still allow that, but we’re really interested now in making Vimeo a viewing destination for people so that when they don’t know what they want to watch, and they want to feel inspired, they come to Vimeo to find that content,” said Sheldrick.

The new app will also now feature Vimeo’s staff picks section on the home page, and viewers will be able to take content that they have purchased and make it available offline.

While Vimeo doesn’t provide detailed user numbers, the company has confirmed that more than 50% of its traffic comes from mobile users.


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