Online comedy powerhouse Smosh to go live

The Defy Media brand has teamed up with 5 Gum as part of a summer-long partnership that will culminate with a live sketch comedy show in August.
June 27, 2016

The “SNL of the Internet” is taking one step closer to being like the real thing. Defy Media’s online comedy powerhouse Smosh has announced that it will be launching its first-ever live sketch comedy show.

Smosh Live! will be presented by the 5 Gum brand as part of a summer-long partnership with Defy and Smosh top talent Ian Hicox and Anthony Padilla. The collaboration kicked off last week at VidCon and will culminate with a live event on Aug. 26, which will be streamed to fans from YouTube Space Los Angeles.

Aside from the live show, fans be able to access additional show content streamed online, including the pre-show, hosted by Smosh Games’ Jovenshire, which will give fans a sneak peek of the stage as it comes to life. A post-show, also to be streamed online, will feature the Smosh cast playing truth or dare with the audience (playing off of 5 Gum’s multi-year 5 Truth or Dare marketing campaign) while taking questions from fans.

To promote the event,  Smosh and 5 Gum teamed up around a number of activations at VidCon. They’ll also run several custom commercials through out the live event. The gum brand will also receive additional media and social promotion across Defy’s media network throughout the course of the campaign. Following the show, Smosh will run an exclusive behind-the-scenes video about the making of the show, which will be filmed in the weeks leading up to it.

The Smosh brand celebrated its 10-year anniversary celebration in 2015 with the premiere of Smosh: The Movie, the debut of Hicox and Padilla’s Madame Tussaud’s wax figures and the launch of their first long-form comedy series, Part Timers.



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