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Gunpowder & Sky strikes a deal with Supergravity

The studios will partner on a direct-to-consumer horror film, as Supergravity co-founder Marc Hustvedt says it's time for digital films to go mainstream.
June 21, 2016

Gunpowder & Sky, the next-gen studio founded by industry vets Floris Bauer and Van Toffler, has partnered with Supergravity Pictures to create a new digital thriller set in the world of skaters and extreme stunt performers desperate for internet fame.

The film is the first joint production between the two studios. However, the relationship between the two stretches back to Gunpowder & Sky’s origin earlier this year. Supergravity, which specializes in direct-to-consumer feature films, was one of the first companies that Gunpowder & Sky (which was also founded with backing from Otter Media) invested in.

In an earlier interview with StreamDaily, Supergravity co-founder Marc Hustvedt said that while the direct-to-consumer digital film industry is maturing, more investment is key to create films with bigger budgets, bigger stars and ultimately, attract bigger audiences.

“It’s on us as an industry and as companies like ours to make better and better films that you just can’t ignore,” said Hustvedt.

Not much else is known about the new film, including title, release date or plot details. (However, a company release describes the movie as “gory”).

Director Jerome Sable and writer Nicholas Musurca are behind the project. They are best known for their Sundance award-winning horror musical short, The Legend of Beaver Dam (pictured).

“Twisted, talented and visually compelling directors like Jerome don’t pop up very often,” said Gunpowder & Sky CEO Toffler in a statement. “He’s a mash-up of Wes Craven, Justin Lin and John Carney in the best way possible.”


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