Machinima brings originals’ slate to Spain, Portugal

The new SVOD for gamers, created with AMC Networks Intl, is a bid to win young audiences that increasingly favor on-demand options over TV.
June 20, 2016

Gamer-focused digital media co Machinima has partnered with AMC Networks International Iberia to deliver gaming, hero and e-sports content to Spanish and Portuguese audiences via a new, niche SVOD channel.

Launch date and price for the on-demand channel have not yet been made public; however, Machinima has confirmed the channel will be available to viewers in Spain and Portugal across connected TVs and iOS/Android apps, as well as pay TV operators.

Programming is expected to feature Machinima’s original productions, such as the recent hit series Street Fighter: Resurrection, e-sports reality show Training Camp, The Bacca Chronicles from influencer JeromeASF and the upcoming Transformers: The Combiner Wars, pictured.

The SVOD option adds to AMC’s programming options in the region. The company already has a portfolio of 22 channels, including AMC (Spain and Portugal), Canal Hollywood (Spain and Portugal), Sundance Channel, XTRM, Somos, Odisea, Odisseia, Canal Cocina, Canal Decasa, Sol Música, Buzz, Canal Panda (Spain and Portugal), Biggs, Mov and Blast. In addition, Historia, A&E and Crimen + Investigación operate a joint venture with A+E Networks.

Eduardo Zulueta, president of AMC’s regional divisions in Iberia and Latin America, said in a statement from the company that the collaboration with Machinima is a direct bid to win younger audiences who are “passionate about video games, animation, movies, TV and other forms of pop culture (and) who will find in this channel their main entertainment source.”

It’s no coincidence this same demographic favors viewing platforms that allow them to watch whatever they want, whenever they want, rather than adhere to a fixed programming schedule.

Recent studies by Nielsen found TV-time among millennials is trending downwards, with 18- to 35-year-olds spending on average about one hour and fifteen minutes less time per day with traditional television than they had five years ago. Nielsen further found millennials living with their parents or in shared accommodations are most likely to subscribe to a traditional television provider, while those living on their own in their mid-20s are least likely to consume linear TV.

That the new subscription service is offered via app and smart TV also follows consumption trends. Mobile streaming is through the roof in virtually every global market, while various surveys indicate that the total amount of connected TV devices per household outpaces  set-top boxes from pay TV providers. According to Nielsen’s Q4 2015 report, media usage continues moving to mobile, including smartphones and tablets, and to TV-connected devices. From November 2014 to November 2015, the total average audience across nearly all platforms grew by nearly five million among adults over the age of 18 years. The largest increase in average audience came from smartphones.

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