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Studio71 gets ready to Rumble

The platform allows publishers such as Britain's The Independent and Tip Hero to embed outside videos and still generate revenue from those clips.
June 17, 2016

Open source video platform Rumble, which allows publishers to monetize videos they’ve embedded in their individual web pages, has struck a new partnership with Studio71.

More than 100 YouTube creators from Studio71 will bring their content to the Toronto-based company’s platform, giving them the opportunity to expand their social reach while offering Rumble access to content from some of Studio71’s most buzz-worthy influencers.

Those participating in the deal include heavyweights Epic Meal Time (seven million subscribers), Matt Santoro (5.4 million) and Kathleen Lights (2.2. million).

Chris Pavlovski, Rumble CEO, describes the company as a “creator-centric” platform. But the publishers are also big beneficiaries of the business model.

He told StreamDaily in a recent interview that he founded the company in October 2013 after noticing that many publishers created stories and posts based around viral videos or popular creator content — but had no way of making money from that action.

“(Before) as a publisher, if you embedded a video in a post, there’s no way of monetizing that video,” said Pavlovski. “(Now), let’s say you see a video from Epic Meal Time and you want to embed it in a blog post or news article about it, you can monetize that video (based on viewer metrics) if you do it through the Rumble platform.”

Pavlovski did not provide details on the specifics of the revenue model, including the rev share with publishers.

Studio71 and its creators will also get a share of the revenues earned through views, added Pavlovski.

Publishing clients currently working with Rumble include the U.K.’s Independent, America’s Funniest Videos’ web site and Tip Hero. Across all of the publishers who use video, mobile traffic accounts for 61% of the views, according to Pavlovski.

In the last year, Rumble has entered comScore’s top 100 content video ranking, and, as of March 2016, was ranked at #41 on the list.

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