Viki now speaks Portuguese, signs content deal in China

The streaming co recently revealed that Latin America accounts for more than 30% of its global watch time in minutes, second only to North America.
June 16, 2016

Like every smart company in the digital space these days, Viki watches its viewer analytics closely. Those numbers go a long way to explain the aggressive moves of late by the Asia-based, ad-supported VOD service into Latin America.

The company, which already offers content in Spanish (as well as English, French, Korean, Japanese and Chinese), recently revealed that the Latin region accounts for more than 30% of the service’s global watch time in minutes, second only to North America.

With Brazil among its top-five viewing countries in that region, it’s no surprise, then, it recently added Portuguese to the language list.

According to the company, subtitling activity in Portuguese has grown 58 percent since last year and now accounts for the fourth most popular subtitle language on Viki after English, Spanish and French.

To further boost its presence in Brazil, Viki is also in discussion with various companies in the region for partnership related to its subscription service offering. The company offered no further details on what those collaborations might look like.

“Viki’s vision has always been to break down barriers by introducing people to new cultures via popular entertainment,” said Tammy H. Nam, Viki’s CEO, in a statement addressing the service expansion.

The news comes on the heels of another growth announcement by Viki, this one made earlier this month at the Shanghai Film Festival. There, execs confirmed a multi-territory content deal with Huace Group, a Chinese film and TV media group. The deal is the largest content deal of the year for both both companies, according to a Viki rep.

The Huace agreement brings with it several of Viki’s most popular on-air titles, including the series My Amazing Boyfriend (pictured), already the most popular Chinese program on Viki to date. Viki will also add dozens of Huace library titles to Viki’s streaming service, making them available for the first time in North America and Europe.

The partnership gives Viki subscribers 48 hours exclusive access (outside of China) to nearly a thousand hours of Huace shows.

Viki has multiple partnerships with Chinese content partners and currently has the largest library of Chinese TV in the U.S.

Chinese shows are the fastest-growing category on Viki, with watch time growing nearly 300% from this time last year. Viki has nearly 700 titles from greater China, the largest library of Chinese TV shows and movies in the United States for any VOD site, according to the company.

But this latest deal with Huace is part of Viki’s push to become an even bigger destination outside of China for fans of Chinese TV shows. Most recently, Viki signed an exclusive deal with Taiwan broadcaster Sanhli E-Television, and has partnerships with Sohu and iCNTV, among others.

Viki also recently co-produced its first original series Dramaworld with Jetavana Entertainment. It launched its Chinese language site and apps in late 2015.



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