Sports Illustrated launches digital-first vertical

The new multi-platform brand, dubbed Tech & Media, will share short and long-form digital stories on how tech has shaped the world of sports.
June 16, 2016

In a world where jocks and tech nerds were once divided, Time Inc. has launched a new vertical under its Sports Illustrated umbrella to highlight all the ways in which the two distinct groups now go together.

The new Tech & Media vertical will include multimedia coverage of products, innovations and strategies that have been (ahem) game changers in the sports world.

Stories will be told through social-media-native series, as well as long-form features. (Specific platforms have not yet been announced).

Topics covered will include the development of FreeD cameras, a high-res instant replay camera with 360 technology; the proliferation of sports betting mutual funds; how 3D printers have helped build cartilage to save athletes’ careers and overall how social media is influencing the world of sports.

“From video replay to VR, from social media to wearables and the total transformation of the full spectator and athlete experience, the crossroads of sports, media and technology is alive with innovation and is an integral part of the sports landscape today,” said Chris Stone, the recently minted Sports Illustrated editorial director, in a statement.

Sports Illustrated will also partner with niche website and media platform SportTechie, which will provide daily contributions to the vertical, both written and video.

Leading the helm of this new project is columnist Richard Deitsch (pictured), a longtime reporter for Sports Illustrated magazine and adjunct professor at Columbia University’s graduate school of journalism.

Time, which has spent the past two years diving further and further into original digital content production, has launched numerous new verticals in recent months to keep up with the trends of today. Other new multi-platform brands include Extra Crispy, devoted to the culture of breakfast and brunch, and Instant, a video-driven, mobile-first brand focusing on influencer celebrity culture.

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