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Ellation’s VRV the latest to jump into VOD space

The new service will operate multiple revenue models - subscription, transactional and ad-supported - and specialize in niche content "channels."
June 16, 2016

There’s a new VOD in town — much to the elation of gaming, anime, comedy, tech and animation fans everywhere

Otter Media-backed digital media co Ellation will soon launch VRV, a service featuring a number of premium content channels licensed from other media companies focused on the niche genres.

It is not yet known when VRV will go live, but a company press release states the launch date will be sometime this year. It will first become available in the U.S. on mobile and connected TV devices, with plans to expand on these offerings in the future.

Early “channel” partners include another Ellation brand, Crunchyroll, as well as Rooster Teeth, NCBU’s comedy specialty Seeso, Nerdist Alpha, and Geek & Sundry Alpha, as well as a new premium version of Frederator Networks’ Cartoon Hangover, exclusive to the VRV platform. Popular franchises under these channels include Berserk, Cyanide & Happiness, Red Vs. Blue, RWBY and Bravest Warriors.

Unlike SVODsNetflix and Hulu, VRV will offer members a variety of pay options, including full subscriptions, bundles, a-la-carte and some free, ad-supported content.

“VRV was created to unite passionate fans around the content they love,” says Tom Pickett, CEO of Ellation, in a statement. “Premium channels like Crunchyroll, Rooster Teeth, and the comedy streaming channel Seeso are working hard to bring new and improved programming to their communities. While each of the audiences are unique, they have a significant amount of overlapping interests.”

Also a believer in those “overlapping interests” is Fred Seibert, CEO of Frederator Networks, who stated that many of Cartoon Hangover’s fans are also fans of anime, and subscribers to Crunchyroll.

“When Tom Pickett came to us with this VRV opportunity, it became the ideal place to showcase Cartoon Hangover, especially our shows Bravest Warriors and Bee and PuppyCat,” he said.

The announcement was made, appropriately, on another digital platform — on the XBox Daily Show — with Rooster Teeth chief creative officer Burnie Burns, Crunchyroll co-founder Kun Gao, and Nerdist News co-host Jessica Chobot all appearing as part of the announcement. Microsoft will partner with VRV in order to make the service available on XBox One systems at launch.

 Pictured: Frederator’s Bee and Puppycat

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