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Andrew “King” Bachelor jumps to a new network

While Vine, the platform that made King Bach a star, may be fading, the young comedian has already expanded his footprint to TV and film.
June 10, 2016

When it comes to Vine, there’s no get bigger than the King.

For those unfamiliar with the influencer, the “King” here refers to Andrew Bachelor, better known to his 15.7 million followers on Vine as King Bach. The 27-year-old comedian, who also creates content on Instagram and Snapchat, recently signed with influencer network Collab, which specializes in Vine talent. Bachelor was formerly signed to Fullscreen.

On top of his millions of followers and billions of video loops, Bachelor is one of a lucky few Viners who has expanded his footprint into traditional media, appearing in featured roles for films such as the comedies We Are Your Friends and Fifty Shades of Black and Meet the Blacks, with recurring roles on series such as Resident Advisors and The Mindy Project.

Bachelor will work with Collab to grow his fan base and find new monetization opportunities as he seeks to forge new brand partnership and develop original IP.

Although Bachelor is the most popular Vine user (according to Collab’s own analytics platform, Rankzoo, which has consistently ranked Bachelor at the top of its list for all of 2016), chatter around the platform itself has become increasingly negative. News sources such as The Atlantic have quoted analysts stating that Vine engagements are at an “all-time low.”

At the recent Stream Market conference in Santa Monica, prominent Viners Amanda Cerny and Lele Pons told the crowd they’ve both moved the majority of their content to Instagram and Snapchat, while Jumpwire Media president Gavin McGarry described Vine as “dead” for branded deals, although he did acknowledge that the platform is still a great resource for finding new talent.

Kirstine Stewart, VP of media North America at Twitter, which owns Vine, was upbeat about Vine in her recent keynote conversation at the Stream Market conference. “Vine is as active as ever… there’s amazing talent on Vine that is getting discovered.”
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