BuzzMyVideos goes live with YouNow

The network's 2,500 creators have a new opportunity to engage with fans through live-streaming - and, more importantly, make more money.
June 9, 2016

U.K. MCN and media co BuzzMyVideos has partnered with live-streaming platform YouNow, giving its 5,000 creators an opportunity to grow their audience through live-streaming — and, more importantly, a new way to make money.

While some platforms like YouTube offer ad revenue, and users can also monetize on platforms like Snapchat and Instagram through branded content deals, YouNow presents a relatively unique option with its “instant monetization” program.

Through the program, partnered creators are paid in a way that is directly proportional to how many users are watching. While anyone can post on YouNow, only “partnered” creators can financially benefit from the program — including the creators signed to BuzzMyVideos.

On top of the direct pay model, viewers on YouNow can also offer creators “gifts” on the platform, donated during live-streams (“gifts” are mostly emojis and “stickers” sent to the vlogger, like thumbs’ up, to show appreciation from fans — all purchased using in-app credits).

YouNow hosts more than 100 million live streams from users per month and posts 50,000 hours of new original content per day, according to company stats.

One of BuzzMyVideos’ most famous creators is vlogger Chris Kendall. While Kendall boasts nearly 700,000 subscribers on YouTube, he’s perhaps best known outside the U.K. for his role in the New Form Digital original series Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures. Kendall said in a statement that the live-streaming option of YouNow offers an opportunity to deepen engagement with his audience.

Kendall has already gained 100,000 fans since launching his channel on YouNow in May.

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