Awkward Yeti

Line Webtoon’s new series boasts all the answers

The short-form series, native to Facebook, will feature collaborations with the likes of Up and Out and The Akward Yeti.
June 7, 2016

South Korean multi-platform animation service Line Webtoon has launched a new original animated series that pays tribute to some of the most popular and quirky comics on the web.

Life Answers, a short-form video series native to Facebook, features quick answers to life’s most burning questions (like “how to lose weight quickly” and “what are girls most afraid of?”) told through popular online comic series like Up and Out and The Awkward Yeti (pictured)

Each episode, which runs 15 seconds or less, will feature one of the partnered animators giving a bite-sized answer to one of those questions. The videos are designed for shareability and quick mobile viewing, according to a press release by Line Webtoon.

While the Facebook presence for Line Webtoon’s original comics is relatively small (just over 5,000 people “like” the page) the artists it has collaborated with are far more likely to boost its profile. For example, The Awkward Yeti by cartoonist Nick Seluk has more than 1.2 million fans on the social platform.

Last year the company found a partner in entrepreneur Michelle Phan. The YouTuber-turned-internet-mogul debuted her original animated series Enchantress on the platform.

Line Webtoon was first launched in 2004 by Korean search engine company Naver, and made its debut in the US. in 2014. Since then, it has been working to onboard new artists and expand its content offerings.




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