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Hulu grabs exclusive rights to Race for the White House

The SVOD's latest exclusive acquisition looks to tap mass interest in the U.S. presidential election as it battles its way into the streaming front ranks.
June 1, 2016

With the U.S. presidential primaries coming to a close, it’s appropriate that Hulu is already looking to the next big race with the exclusive SVOD window to CNN’s original miniseries, Race for the White House.

The six-part miniseries is narrated by Academy Award-winner and fictional U.S. president Kevin Spacey (House of Cards). Each hour-long episode features archival footage, interviews and stylized dramatizations of some of the most iconic presidential campaigns, including Lincoln versus Douglas, Kennedy versus Nixon and Bush against Dukakis. The series made its linear debut on CNN in March.

The deal marks the first series from CNN to stream exclusively on Hulu — but it’s far from the first exclusive acquisition for Hulu. Other recent deals include the rights to the animated series Sonic Boom, Ron Howard’s Beatles documentary Eight Days a Week and kids’ favorite Curious George.

While Hulu has struggled at times to keep up with its rivals Netflix and Amazon, recent reports indicate that it could be on the upswing. A recent financial report from Credit Suisse boosted the SVOD’s valuation from $15 billion to $25 billion and projected the company to hit $2.2 billion in profit by 2020, with live streaming and better programming options cited as areas of potential growth.

All episodes of Race to the White House are available on Hulu as of June 1.



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