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Crackle gets serious about branded entertainment

The free VOD is partnering with Branded Entertainment Network to find product integration opportunities, making the service more brand-friendly.
May 26, 2016

Branded Entertainment Network, a platform that provides ad agencies and brands with the ability to find brand integration opportunities, has paired with Sony-owned free VOD service Crackle to provide clients with even more chances to bring their brands to VOD.

As part of the partnership, Crackle will provide BEN with first-look access to its slate of original films and television shows, including its all-star drama The Art of More, the stop-motion comedy series SuperMansion starring Bryan Cranston and the upcoming crime drama StartUp starring Martin Freeman (pictured), to determine potential opportunities for product placement.

The partnership will give brands access to insight and analytics to better understand the financial return on their investments, according to a company statement.

According to a recent Ipsos survey, 86% of branding marketing professionals feel that branded integrations are effective in reaching target audiences, and 77% of those surveyed who had already invested in brand integration would recommend it to others.

The partnership is part of Crackle’s continuing strategy to position itself as a brand-friendly destination. Crackle already generates its revenue from pre-roll and mid-roll advertisements, but at its recent UpFronts presentation, the company revealed a new ad format that would forego shorter, 15-second video ads for fewer (only five per episode) longer ads. The ads will also be told in a “story” format, with a continuous plot that develops throughout the series so clients can tell a story within the series.

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