BitTorrent launches live multi-channel app

The site once known primarily for user-uploaded (often pirated) video content, has added a live feature, on top of transactional VOD offerings.
May 18, 2016

Emerging VOD site BitTorrent has added a new element to its video offerings. This week, the company launched BitTorrent Live, a new multi-channel live-streaming platform.

BitTorrent Live will be available on mobile apps and on desktop, and offer live-streamed content in the verticals of news, sports, music, tech and culture.

Much like BitTorrent’s transactional BitTorrent Bundles model, the live platform will operate through peer-to-peer, user-uploaded content

Last year, open-source piracy site, The Pirate Bay, used its own peer-to-peer technology to create its own branded live streamer, although the option was created to allow users to view movies live-streamed directly in their browser (instead of waiting to download).

BitTorrent Live, however, will target creators who want to offer original content exclusive to its platform.

At launch, the platform is free, but has plans to eventually offer paid content tiers, including subscription and transactional options. The company also stated in a blog post that it will start selling ads in the future.

Programs and channels coming to BitTorrent Live include:

  • AWE (formerly known as WealthTV), the 24/7 network takes a more inspirational twist on the world of finance, with content showcasing how wealth is achieved, used and enjoyed;
  • Clubbing TV. The video site, which partners with some of the biggest electronic music festivals (such as the upcoming Sea Dance Festival and Exit Music Festival) will set up a channel, offering musical performances from around the globe;
  • Fast&Fun, a channel offering action-packed, adrenaline-inducing extreme sports competitions such as car racing, motocross, snowboarding and skateboarding;
  • Fightbox, a compilation of combat sporting events from around the globe;
  • Filmbox Arthouse, which will air special presentations devoted to popular creative movements in the art and film world;
  • Heroes TV, targeting audience with action, adventure and comic-inspired content;
  • Newsmax, a conservative-leaning news network providing the latest news, expert views and A-list guests;
  • NUsicTV, a music channel showcasing new, up-and-coming and indie artists;
  • OANN (One America News Network), a network devoted to political commentary and analysis;
  • One World Sports, featuring sports competitions from around the globe;
  • OpenNews TV, a progressive political commentary network;
  • Pursuit Channel, geared at hunting, fishing and outdoor recreation enthusiasts; and
  • TWiT, a live-streamed technology podcast hosted by Leo Laporte.

Aside from live-streaming, BitTorrent has also built up its transactional VOD team, hiring on Jeremy Johnson and Robert Delamar as co-CEOs of its on-demand platform.

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