#NewFronts: Digitas pairs with Facebook for branded content studio

The marketing co also bowed the series Rise and Shine, a customizable morning show that will appear in the social media's news feeds.
May 6, 2016

Advertising agency Digitas has paired with Facebook Creative shop to create branded content originals for the platform.

It unveiled its first series, Rise and Shine, at the annual NewFronts presentation. The new series is a morning talk show, filmed to work in Facebook feed and on mobile. The content is designed to be personalized, including local weather, workouts, recipes and more. Facebook’s new messenger bot technology (pictured) will enable viewers to subscribe and get content delivered on-demand, the shop announced.

Brands will be invited to sponsor the series, with the content owned by both Digitas and the clients. The series, which will be cast by Digitas with input from the brands, will be shaped to fit the clients’ needs.

It also announced a B2B product, Leaderboard, designed to work with publishing partners, including CNN and Mashable. It will collaborate with media partners to create industry stories designed to run in social feeds.

StreamDaily editor Darah Hansen is in New York attending the NewFronts. If you would like to arrange a meeting with her, email

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