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Vimeo shorts coming to a theater near you

The VOD service has partnered with ad company Spotlight Cinema Networks to show select films at cinemas across the U.S.
April 12, 2016

VOD service Vimeo has struck a partnership with Spotlight Cinema Networks, a niche theater advertising company, to bring short-form programming from Vimeo to select cinemas across the U.S.

Starting April 15, theater-goers will have a chance to see Vimeo shorts on the big screen. During Spotlight’s 20-minute pre-show advertising spot, one to three films from Vimeo will be shown. The first of those films will be The Bucket Board, a three-minute short by filmmaker Mac Premo about his quest to manufacture sleek skateboards out of trash and old plastic buckets.

The shorts will be curated from Vimeo’s Staff Picks channel, as well as from Vimeo Brand Studio, the company’s in-house studio for branded content. Spotlight will also have the opportunity to use

the Vimeo Brand Studio to create content to air theatrically as well as on Vimeo.

Spotlight focuses on indie films directed at audiences in the over-18 range and what it describes as “smart” Hollywood films.

This is the second initiative that has brought Vimeo’s content to the big screen. In 2015, the digital company paired with distributor Theatricast, ticketing business Tugg and marketing agency Different Drummer to release the classic car documentary A Faster Horse in theaters.

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