Endemol Shine Beyond UK debuts Pretty Upfront

The British MCN has paired with cosmetics brand Benefit to bring beauty and lifestyle content to young women via a new digital channel.
April 5, 2016

British MCN Endemol Shine Beyond UK has launched a new female-centric lifestyle channel on YouTube focused on bringing beauty content to the 25-and-over crowd, with help from cosmetics brand Benefit Cosmetics UK.

The channel, dubbed Pretty Upfront, is aimed at career-focused millennial and Gen-X women and will feature content from television and radio personality Fearne Cotton (pictured), vlogger and actor Emily Hartridge (275,000 YouTube subscribers), journalist and make-up artist Sali Hughes, beauty blogger Susie Lau (better known as Susie Bubble on Instagram, where she boasts 270,000 followers) and beauty influencer and author Madeleine Shaw (who has more than 217,000 followers on Instagram).

The channel will roll out three new pieces of content per week, all with a focus on beauty, culture and lifestyle (with products from Benefit featured in all content). Upcoming formats include:

  • Emily Hartridge’s Weird World, in which Hartridge explores some of the strangest lifestyle and wellness trends (such as attending early-morning rave parties prior to work);
  • Fearne Cotton’s A-Z of Happiness, which will feature celebrity guests and will cover topics from body confidence to exploring the science of music;
  • Sali Hughes’ No Nonsense Beauty Guide in which features honest and practical beauty advice; and
  • Bubble Tea, an interview series which will feature Lau profiling fashion celebrities.

Lifestyle has played a vital part in the growth of Endemol’s digital video division ever since the launch of its Icon brand (creatively lead by YouTube superstar and entrepreneur Michelle Phan) in 2015. Icon has since expanded its content offerings globally, launching outposts in the U.K., Singapore, France and Germany, and has moved to new platforms, including connected devices and Verizon-owned mobile platform Go90.

Endemol Shine Beyond UK also recently launched the food and lifestyle channel Wild Dish in an effort to bolster its foodie offerings.

The deal between Benefit and Endemol was  negotiated by KR Mediacom.

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