Grace Helbig seeks viewer input on new novella

Writing With Grace features the vlogger and author teaming with fans on a new story, and is the newest series from the AT&T Hello Labs.
April 1, 2016

Grace Helbig is at it again. The YouTube superstar, comedian, actor and author has launched a new weekly web series, Writing With Grace.

The series premiered March 31 on Helbig’s YouTube channel and is part of the AT&T Hello Lab incubator program. It’s the third series to launch as a result of the program.

Writing With Grace will chronicle Helbig as she and her fans collaborate on her upcoming novella, Freak Week, a supernatural comedy geared at teens. The series is also the result of a partnership with Wattpad, a free storytelling app that helps groups collaborate on stories. Helbig will write the first and last chapter, but the rest of the series will be written by fans through the app. Every Thursday, Helbig will upload an episode showcasing her favorite chapter submission. The novella will be read aloud by Helbig and several other YouTubers at a live event at Vidcon in June, and the entire novella will then be released on Wattpad.

Hello Labs launched in February as the result of a partnership between the mobile provider and the MCN Fullscreen. Besides Helbig, other participants include musical act Us the Duo and magician Collins Key.

All three of the series launched as the result of the incubator so far, have been collaborative in nature. The first, Dare to Travel, starring travel vloggers Damon & Jo, features the duo acting on viewers’ suggestions (and dares) for where to visit and what to tour next. Another new project, a Snapchat series starring Shaun “Shonduras” McBride, features the short-form video star completing wacky dares submitted to him by his Snapchat followers.

Helbig has nearly three million subscribers on YouTube and has also branched out into live stand-up, feature films and writing. She frequently collaborates with fellow vloggers Mamrie Hart and Hannah Hart (the two are not related), and recently partnered with tech start-up Dysh to promote the new mobile foodie app.

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