BBTV marks birthday with new brand identity

Based on the latest comScore rankings, the MCN is among the largest online video properties in the world behind Google, Facebook and China's LeTV.
March 24, 2016

BroadbandTV has no time for small gestures. The digital network led by Shahrzad Rafati (pictured) marked its 11th anniversary this month with a move to a lavish new office space, complete with custom artwork on the walls and a baby grand piano, as it toasts a string of corporate successes from business acquisitions and strategic partnerships to an industry milestone that ranks it among the largest video properties in the world.

The network’s new identity was unveiled March 23 at BBTV’s new 30,000-sq.ft. headquarters, located in Vancouver, Canada.

In addition, the new space (which replaces a smaller office, also in Vancouver) features a 50-person theater for screenings and an in-house studio for the network’s 74,000 online creators and artists.

BBTV’s exterior rebrand follows a number of recent accomplishments including the acquisition of digital-first kids content producer, YoBoHo HooplaKidz, and the launch of HooplaKidz network; a partnership with The Huffington Post to establish Outspeak, a next-gen citizen journalism brand; and the recently launched Windfall, a cross-platform, music-focused network created in partnership with BMG.

The MCN, which was acquired by Euro media giant, RTL Group in 2013, saw its total monthly views climb to more than nine billion in the last 30 days, according to the online ranking site SocialBlade. Vevo was the only brand to rank higher in the same time period, with 13.9 billion views.

BBTV’s content creators span a number of key media brands including gaming (TGN), hip-hop (Opposition), and electronic dance music (WIMSIC).

Based on comScore’s February 2016 data (ranked by unique video views), the network is among the largest online video properties in the world behind Google, Facebook, China’s Sohu and LeTV.

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