AwesomenessTV launches European outpost

The network is just the latest to set up shop overseas, with chief digital officer Kelly Day noting "Gen Z knows no boundaries."
March 24, 2016

AwesomenessTV is the latest digital network to venture into Europe.

Less than one year after the Gen Z-focused MCN partnered with Endemol Shine Group to build its presence outside the U.S., AwesomenessTV (ATV) has officially launched in the U.K., Spain, France, Germany and Brazil.

The move will see new original content roll out in the international territories, with local language versions of some of AwesomenessTV’s most popular shows, including Celebstagram, IMO, Hey Guys, Top 10 with JennxPenn, Life Hacks and Hey Guys, It’s Meg!

Among the new programs are:

  • Non-scripted topical show Y Digo Yo from AwesomenessTV Spain, starring influencers Holly Molly (179,000 subscribers), Ronro Love (376,000 subscribers), Kalathras Zone (411,000 subscribers) and Aleks Puertolas (166,000);
  • Fashion and lifestyle show Fashion Detective from AwesomenessTV France starring MademoiselleGloria, pictured (763,000 subscribers), and SoUrbanGirl (178,000 subscribers);
  • U.K. debate show Versus featuring creators OmgHarrisonWebb (466,000 subscribers), The MazziMaz (754,000 subscribers), Jake Boys (254,000 subscribers), Hannah Witton (179,000 subscribers), Ebony Day (377,000 subscribers) and Emily Canham (325,000); and
  • Passt Nicht, Gibt’s Nicht from AwesomenessTV Germany, a style-centered series hosted by Diana zur Lowen (477,000 subscribers) and Dillan White (23,000 subscribers).

Kelly Day, chief digital officer at ATV, said in a statement that localized content is increasingly important to networks as the digital ecosystem becomes more global. “Gen Z content knows no boundaries. The creation of great original content delivers on our promise of providing new opportunities and resources for local talent.”

Other networks that have launched dedicated European outposts include Endemol brands Icon and Smasher, and digital lifestyle network Refinery29.

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