Machinima releases trailer for Street Fighter: Resurrection

The network's first original Go90 original series will feature appearances by several of its biggest online influencers.
March 1, 2016

Action and gaming multi-platform network Machinima has released the trailer for Street Fighter: Resurrection, its first original series to appear exclusively on Verizon’s Go90 mobile platform. The series will roll out in full on March 15.

Resurrection is a four-episode, live-action mini-series produced by Jacqueline Quella and Mark Wooding, directed and written by Joey Ansah (The  Bourne Ultimatum) and starring Mike Moh and Christian Howard, all of whom were part of the 2014 digital original movie Street Fighter: Assassin’s Fist. To date, the movie has reached 17 million views on various digital platforms, including the ad-supported YouTube and transactional formats such as iTunes.

Resurrection is set one decade after the events in Assassin’s Fist, and will feature new characters played by popular Machinima influencers Amy Johnston (1.5 million YouTube subscribers) and Terroriser (1.3 million YouTube subscribers).

The series is produced by World Warrior Limited with Machinima Studios (which launched fall 2015) in association with Capcom, the video game giant that owns the rights to the Street Fighter franchise.

The series is Capcom’s second-most popular franchise (behind only the Resident Evil franchise). According to a 2014 document released by the company, more than 35 million units of Street Fighter games have been sold since its first game was released in 1987.

The trailer to Resurrection is available below.

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