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Tribeca introduces Snapchat Shorts program

A new contest will capitalize on the popularity of the millennial and Gen Z-friendly app, which sees more than seven billion video views per day.
February 19, 2016

Tribeca Film Festival is bringing its programming to the small screen — the really small screen.

The festival has partnered with Snapchat to present Tribeca Snapchat Stories, a program that highlights the best Snapchat stories from across the U.S.

From Feb. 27 until Mar. 8, contestants across the U.S. (above the age of 18) can submit a story that exclusively uses Snapchat (at a maximum length of 200 seconds). Stories must fall within the comedy genre. Entries will be submitted to a panel of celebrity jurors. The first judge announced is musician DJ Khaled (pictured), who is one of the most popular celebrity Snapchatters.

The winning 10 shorts will be announced prior to the upcoming Tribeca Film Festival, which kicks off Apr. 13 in New York City. Winners will be awarded with a trip to NYC during the festival, with their short featured on a special, Tribeca Film Festival channel on Snapchat Discover for one day.

The program will capitalize on the popularity of the mobile image and video platform, and tules for the contest are aimed at growing Snapchat’s brand. For instance, content for entries must focus on Snapchat, editing can only be done using Snapchat’s in-app software (no third-party software) and all content must be shot in Snapchat’s vertical format.

Though Snapchat’s posts disappear after 24 hours, the paltform’s popularity has not faded with time. Most of the 100 million unique users on the platform every day are under 18 years of age. It’s become particularly popular as a video destination, with seven billion video views per day (just short of Facebook’s self-reported eight billion). Linear networks such as MTV and Lifetime have also begun creating content for Snapchat as well.

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