FameBit joins forces with Shopify

The partnership will allow creators to pursue further monetization opportunities by setting up their own online marketplaces.
February 18, 2016

Thanks to a newly announced partnership between online influencer network FameBit and cloud-based, multi-commerce platform Shopify, creators on the FameBit network will now be able to sell their own product lines.

Since its 2014 launch, FameBit has assembled more than 31,000 influencers across multiple platforms including YouTube, Vine, Facebook and more, but now Shopify’s new Shopify VIP service will allow those influencers to set up and sell their own merchandise lines. Through Shopify VIP, they will receive infrastructure and customer management support, helping them to earn more revenue and connect with subscribers.It will also allow them to generate donations to their charity of choice.

“Many influencers dream of launching their own stores or forming partnerships with existing brands to co-create and sell their own product lines,” said Agnes Kozera, FameBit co-founder, in a statement.

“Our partnership with Shopify will provide our influencers with the resources and expertise needed to make that dream a reality, adding even more value to our network.”

E-commerce options are also helpful to many emerging and mid-tier creators who don’t yet see massive paychecks from their online content. For many influencers, ad revenue alone is not a significant source of cash (YouTube creators collect 55% of ad revenue from each video). Most top earning YouTubers such as PewDiePie, Lilly Singh and Michelle Phan have made most of their earnings through brand sponsorships and outside projects, including e-commerce (such as Phan’s Ipsy subscription service). Gaming prodco Rooster Teeth initially brought in all of its revenue through e-commerce, selling T-shirts and subscriptions to pay for its operation costs.

Famebit’s influencer network reaches a total of 1.6 billion monthly viewers. The network has also generated more than 20,000 branded videos for brands and small businesses.

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