Devin Supertramp pulls off ‘world’s longest touchdown catch’

The stunt is the latest from Whistle Sports, and employs a proven winning strategy of blending top digital influencers with branded content.
February 12, 2016

With Super Bowl 50 done and dusted, most people have shifted their attentions to the next big live show, be it the Grammys or Academy Awards.

Not so for Whistle Sports. The sports-based MCN still has both feet firmly in the big game with the release of its latest branded campaign — the world’s longest touchdown catch.

The five-minute branded video, which dropped across platforms prior to the Super Bowl, employs a proven winning strategy for the network. It combines an epic stunt involving a well-known creator (in this case Devin Graham, known to his 3.8 million YouTube subscribers as Devin Supertramp ), with brand sponsors and a bunch of young men having fun.

For the collaborating brands, Pepsi and Papa Johns, the stunt had an overt goal: “They saw (an) opportunity to showcase their brands together associated with SB50 and, of course, drive fans to order pizza and Pepsi by driving to a special offer,” said Deirdre Lester, Whistle Sports EVP of advertising and sponsorship sales, in an email with StreamDaily.

The MCN, meanwhile, was looking to craft content with a longer reach — that is, a video that not only grabs the attention of millennials during the game, but also encourages viewers to like, comment on and share it across platforms in the days and weeks that follow.

“Engagement is a key metric,” said Lester, adding the video hit its targets of delivering tens of millions of impressions leading up to, during and postgame. On YouTube alone, a behind-the-scenes look at making the video has so far reached about 400,000 views.

More broadly, said Lester, “we are seeing the combined use of traditional media and social influencers around marquis sports tent poles as the holy grail for brands to activate their equities in sports and for influencers to showcase to a broad base of fans.”

A similar Whistle Sports collaboration involving YouTubers Dude Perfect, lacrosse star Paul Rabil and sponsor LG garnered more than 1.1 million views in the first 24 hours after it was uploaded last June. It has currently attracted more than 9.8 million views.

Graham has also appeared in a number of branded digital campaigns for partners including Contiki Holidays, Barco Escape and the Canadian Tourism Commission.

To watch the world’s longest touchdown catch, click on the video below:

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