Industry vets launch digital-first advisory firm

Excellerate, founded by Danny Fishman, Lou Kerner and Dave Lavine, will work with next-gen prodcos looking to get ahead in a fast-changing industry.
February 10, 2016

Digital industry veterans Danny Fishman, Lou Kerner and Dave Lavine have teamed up to found the new advisory firm Excellerate, which aims to help grow digital-first production companies.

Fishman (pictured), who, until recently, served as a partner with Believe Entertainment Group, told StreamDaily he paired with investor and entrepreneur Kerner and former chief revenue officer at  Hone Lavine to form the new venture after years of what he calls “passive advisement” and noticing similar areas of confusion and challenges within the digital industry.

“The ecosystem has so many challenges, and not just for producers,” he said. “For buyers, for brands, for media companies, everyone.”

He said most of the challenges come from how saturated the market is with new companies that are still new and forging their own identities.

“There are so many companies, an overwhelming number of categories in every category,” he said. “People, even in the industry, still don’t understand the difference between a lot of them.”

Excellerate aims to work with prodcos across sales, marketing, and operations.

“We’re able to be very flexible with what kind of companies we work with, so we can accommodate a broad range of goals,” said Fishman.

Excellerate will be U.S.-based, but will also look to work with emerging companies globally, with a specific focus on Israel. Founding partner Kerner said in a statement that Israel is a large hub for fast-moving digital start-ups.

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