StyleHaul’s Mia Goldwyn on VR, storytelling and industry-shifting trends

The MCN's chief content officer will co-chair this year's Stream Market, in partnership with Vessel's Ivana Kirkbride.
February 4, 2016

The new year has only just begun, but already there are signs of more change on the horizon in the form of tech advancements, viewer consumption patterns and how much and where programming dollars are being spent.

But, amid the upheaval, there are promising new paths emerging for creators and producers in the digital space, and Mia Goldwyn, chief content officer for fashion and lifestyle-focused MCN and digital media co StyleHaul, is among those paying close attention.

“I am obsessed with VR and the unique, more intimate, and deeper storytelling experience you can achieve there,” said Goldwyn in an email with StreamDaily where she fielded a number questions on industry-shifting trends in 2016.

Goldwyn (pictured, above) said StyleHaul is currently experimenting in the 360-degree space, developing what she called “fun concepts” in both long-form series, as well as creator-driven content.

“At the moment, conversations and programming around VR tend to skew male, (but) we feel that there is a significant opportunity for our tech savvy, highly engaged, female community to embrace a 360 experience in a meaningful way,” she said.

Goldwyn spoke with StreamDaily as she gears up for Stream Market, the annual Brunico-backed event that aims to connect digital-first content creators with key buyers.

Goldwyn previously served as a member of the Stream Market advisory board. This year, she will co-chair the event. The role will be shared with Ivana Kirkbride, VP of content acquisition at Vessel.

Stream Market is scheduled to run June 6 and 7 in Santa Monica.

As co-chair, Goldwyn said her focus is on ensuring a collaborative and thought-provoking round of dialog among those attending.

“As our industry changes rapidly, from the way brands interact with content, to the emergence of new platforms and technologies, Stream Market provides a destination to discuss how those changes impact content creation, distribution and the consumer’s journey,” she said.

We asked Goldwyn to share a little more of her industry expertise with us in a Q&A:

  • Q: What types of programming are you looking for this year (and how has that changed from 2015?
    We will continue to experiment with different content genres across both scripted and unscripted, as well as different storytelling mechanisms. Social is at the root of everything that we do and we will continue to expand on that in 2016 both from a story and distribution perspective. We had fun launching our first Snapchat series in 2015 and plan to continue to grow our partnership with go90 – we love the flexibility and interactivity both of those platforms offer – and obviously YouTube will continue to be hugely important for us.
  • Q: Who is your target demo and how does that influence the programming your developing and the talent you work with?
    StyleHaul’s target demo is mostly females 18-34. In terms of programming, we are inspired by our community of creators, their passion, their authenticity, and their strong connections to their fan bases. We take those real life narratives and use them as the grounding elements of the longer format programming we produce and often times integrate our creators back into that narrative.
  • Q: What’s the biggest change in the digital industry over the past year? How has that/will that influence the way you do business?
    2015 felt like a major breakthrough year in the convergence between traditional and digital media, whereby there is a genuine interest in working together and exploring new ways to create synergies across production, marketing, and distribution. I loved seeing the rise of digital talent and content at places like Sundance and many other major events and festivals. At the same time, its exhilarating to have the opportunity to work with traditional visionaries who are now expanding their craft in non traditional ways and genuinely embracing new media.

Goldwyn joined StyleHaul in 2014 and oversees original content programming strategy including production and distribution across all platforms.  She spearheaded the acquisition and launch of Web Therapy before it’s debut on Showtime and StyleHaul’s first scripted series, Vanity, received four Cynopsis Digital nominations including Best Series and Best Actress. Goldwyn recently announced Stylish Dead, an original Snapchat series as well as Joey Graceffa’s StorytellersSeason 2 in partnership with Legendary Digital.

StyleHaul has more than 300 million network subscribers and delivering 1.3 billion monthly views across 6400 channels in 68 countries, according to company statistics.


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