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Refinery29 launches its first-ever app

The digital media co has seen strong mobile growth, with two out of three users only accessing the site via mobile in December.
February 1, 2016

Women’s lifestyle digital media brand Refinery29 continued its push into mobile with the launch this week of its first-ever app, Refinery29 This AM.

The app comes after three months of beta testing, and offers users a daily curated morning round-up of stories in the news each morning. Specifically, it gives users eight pieces of content on eight different cards, with a headline and a summary of the linked content. If users want to go deeper into a story, they can click to the longer article contained within the app. The same content is also available on Refinery’s home site.

Content on the app is refreshed every week day at 6 a.m. ET, and has a weekend edition that remains the same on Saturday and Sunday.

Content selected by Refinery’s editorial team will span topics including world events, celebrity news, politics and fashion. Examples include “Cases of the Zika Virus have been confirmed in the U.S.” and “Gabrielle Union burned Stacey Dash after her controversial comments about diversity in Hollywood.”

The app is currently available for download  in the U.S. only on iOS devices. The featured launch sponsor is cookie company belVita.

A company rep said Refinery is exploring the option of making the app available to Android users, but currently has no firm plans to do so.

In a media release, company reps said the app is aimed at “millennial-minded women,” Refinery’s key demographic, with an eye on becoming “a part of their audiences’ daily morning routine by providing them with highlights of the most important things they need to know in a format that is clean and easy to consume.”

Mobile has been a strong area of growth for Refinery over the past year, with two out of three users only accessing the site via mobile in December, according to company statistics.

The app was created in-house.



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