GoDigital ups former Distribber boss Nick Soares to CEO

The move comes as the L.A.-based digital distributor looks to expand its brand footprint, user base and distribution alliances worldwide.
January 27, 2016

Nick Soares (pictured) previously headed up, a do-it-yourself distribution site that was acquired by L.A.-based GoDigital in June for a reported low seven-figure price in cash and stock.

GoDigital’s board of directors, led by executive chair Ed Ojdana, made the promotion public Jan. 27 in a joint statement that strongly hinted of planned growth ahead.

“We have been evaluating the changing nature of distributing content and believe that raising Nick (Soares) to CEO of GoDigital, Inc., made tremendous sense. This provides him the opportunity to expand GoDigital’s brand footprint and allows for significant and meaningful expansion over the next few years,” the statement reads.

The board also announced the addition of Kevin Iwashina, CEO of Preferred Content, to its ranks in the role of vice-chair. Iwashina, founder and CEO of Preferred Content founder and CEO, has served as an advisor to GoDigital for several years on major acquisitions, including the deal with Distribber and, previously, with theatrical-release company Variance Films.

Iwashina told StreamDaily that Distribber was attracted to GoDigital because it “created access for filmmakers that otherwise didn’t exist.”

Distribber built its business on distributing independent films to platforms such as iTunes, Netflix, Amazon Prime, Hulu, Playstation and Dish Network. The company charges filmmakers a one-time fee of $1,595 for iTunes placement, and another $150 annually for account access, collection and sales stats.

What was missing was direct access to the platforms themselves.

“They (Distribber) were literally providing direct access for the filmmakers, but they were still one step removed. Because we had the direct deals, it made sense to blend his (user interface) and data with our deals with iTunes, Google, Netflix, etc.,” said Iwashina.

He said the company is now focused on growing the Distribber business, including its client list of filmmakers, as well as its user base and distribution alliances with digital retailers worldwide.

In addition, Iwashina said the company is looking at creating marketing tools that will allow filmmakers to better promote their projects across platforms.

“We are still refining our strategy, but I think you will see some interesting social marketing tools to compliment what our customers are doing via their access to digital retailers and platforms,” he said.

In November, GoDigital partnered with digital media co Fullscreen to release YouTuber Nash Grier’s direct-to-consumer film The Outfield to iTunes, where it debuted in the top spot in the drama and indie movie charts. The project also starred Cameron Dallas, Caroline Sunshine, Olivia Stuck and Joey Bragg, and it was directed by Michael Goldfine and Eli charts.

Its most recent release, Resurrection of Jake the Snake, directed by Steve Yu, is currently listed in 79th place in the iTunes top-100 movies, and is number four among documentaries.

Among those listed on GoDigital board is Chris Kelly, the former chief privacy officer at Facebook and Affinity Networks co-founder Charles Chase.


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