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Rightster partners with Paramount Pictures

The MCN and rights management co will assume responsibility for the film studio's international YouTube channels.
January 11, 2016

London-based MCN and rights management firm Rightster has signed a new strategic partnership with Paramount Pictures.

As part of the deal, Rightster will manage all of Paramount’s 29 international YouTube channels, including local language translation, as well as management of data and trends gathered from watchers. Rightser will also provide Paramount with technical support for the channels, as well as global rights management.

Paramount’s international YouTube channels include trailers, clips and original behind-the-scenes feature content on its movie titles, including the upcoming blockbuster Star Trek: Beyond (pictured).

Ashley MacKenzie, CEO of Rightster, said in a statement that film studios face “unique challenges” when it comes to global rights and audience management, which is why they seek out a third-party rights management company like Rightster.

Bryan Warman, SVP, international digital marketing at Paramount, added that the partnership “will enable (Paramount) to reach a broader and more diverse international audience…Opportunities for viewers to enjoy the best entertainment (will be) maximized.

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