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Vox launches Snapchat channel

The media company is rolling out its new daily edition on the social sharing platform, focusing on a single topic per day.
November 23, 2015

Digital news site is joining the ranks of Buzzfeed, CNN and Mashable with a new channel on Snapchat Discover.

The site, founded in 2014 by former Washington Post columnist Ezra Klein, will venture into the mobile-sharing platform with a news “edition” almost every morning, to be posted around 6 a.m.

“Fundamentally, it means storytelling that is optimized for the format,” wrote Allison Rockey, engagement editor, “It’s vertical. It’s visual. It’s swipeable. It’s very new. But it’s also old. On Discover we publish on ‘edition’ per day, a rhythm that would be familiar to a newspaper veteran….That means becoming thoughtful about a whole new set of design and editorial questions.”

The content will be built around a single topic, such as homelessness, gun violence or transgenderism, blending short videos, maps, infographics and first-person narratives to create the stories. It’s also brought on board Starbucks as its launch sponsor, according to a report from Digiday.

The media company has been working towards this since this summer when news first broke that (along with Buzzfeed) was joining the platform. It’s since been hiring up its Snapchat team for the launch. (Unlike other platforms, Snapchat requires publishers to make custom content.) There was no indication of how many staff Vox has hired to manage its Snapchat edition at press time.

The platform, which attracts a largely young audience of millennials and Gen Z, meshes well with Vox’s target demo. The site brings in roughly 150 million unique views per month (which the site describes as young, affluent and influential users), and is heavily shared, bringing in roughly 300 million views through social platforms, according to its own statistics.

For its part, Snapchat boasts a reported six billion views each day, helping to narrow the gap with Facebook, which has reported an estimated eight billion views daily.’s addition to Snapchat brings the total number of publishers to the site up to 17. is one of eight digital brands published by Vox.

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  • Mark Le Blanc said:

    How does Ezra Levant get characterized as a Washington Post columnist? Seems a bit of a stretch. Also, what site are they suggesting he is the founder of? I thought he was the founder of The Rebel, that’s it?

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