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Machinima bows the Bacca Chronicles series

The MCN has tapped JeromeASF to lead its new Go90-sponsored series, which follows four heroes trying to maintain the peace in an online game server.
November 23, 2015

Machinima has bowed a new series in partnership with JeromeASF.

The Bacca Chronicles, which launched Nov. 23, is a new, 10-part animated series, and will feature the voice talents of JeromeASF (who, with 3.8 million subscribers, made his name on videos about Minecraft) as well as fellow gamers ChimneySwift11 (1.9 million subscribers), TheZombiUnicorn (190,000 subscribers) Gizzy Gazza (one million subscribers), among others. It’s sponsored by Verizon’s Go90.

The show will detail a group of four characters who try to maintain peace and justice in the crazy world of a computer server dedicated to online gaming. (Anyone getting ReBoot flashbacks?)

Each episode will run on JeromeASF’s and Machinima’s various channels, including YouTube, Facebook and Instagram through to Dec.31.

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