Helbig and Hart(s) reunite in digital feature film

Lionsgate is looking to draw on the digital power of the comedic trio, who together reach more than six million YouTube subscribers.
November 2, 2015

YouTube stars Grace Helbig, Hannah Hart and Mamrie Hart, who previously collaborated on the straight-to-digital feature film Camp Takota, are set to join forces once again. This time, the power trio has signed on for another digital release, entitled Dirty Thirty.

Like Camp Takota, Dirty Thirty is a Lionsgate property and produced by former Fullscreen content chief Michael GoldfineCamp Takota executive producers Ken Treusch and Vincent Nastri will also come on board the project. Mamrie Hart (who is not related to fellow YouTuber Hannah Hart) penned the script for the movie, along with Upright Citizens Brigade alumni Molly Prather. Roller Town director Andrew Bush is set to direct.

Jordan Gilbert, head of digital programming at Lionsgate, said in a statement the trio’s ubiquity in the digital world and their “understanding” of the digital marketplace made them a clear choice to work with on another project. On YouTube, Helbig (who signed with Fullscreen’s MCN in 2014) boasts 2.7 million subscribers on YouTube, Mamrie Hart (who is with the Collective Digital Studio MCN) has 1.1 million subscribers and Hannah Hart (who recently signed with Kin Community’s MCN) has 2.3 million subscribers. All three creators have released their own books and do regular live-comedy performances, and Helbig and Mamrie Hart both recently appeared in the new Vimeo hit series, Oscar’s Hotel for Fantastical Creatures

Little is known about the plot of the digital comedy so far, except that it centers around a 30th birthday party gone horribly wrong.

A release date for the film is not yet known. The film will be distributed by Lionsgate across a number of transactional VOD services such as iTunes and Google Play. Lionsgate reps have confirmed the film will be distributed on SVOD, though specific platforms have not yet been made public.

Download numbers for Camp Takota, which was released in February 2014, have not been made public, but its sales model has been regarded as a recipe for success in the digital industry. AwesomenessTV followed a similar model for its direct-to-digital film Expelled which debuted in the number-one movie slot on iTunes within hours of its release in late 2014. Other studios and production companies have also embarked on direct-to-digital projects, such as Supergravity Pictures, which struck a deal with Vimeo to release four films on the transactional service in 2015 and 2016, including the thriller The Chosen starring YouTuber Kian Lawley.

Pre-production of Dirty Thirty began the week of Oct. 28. Regular updates on the filming of the movie will be available on the movie’s official website. The trio of comedians released a short video online to announce the project.

Photo (left to right): Mamrie Hart, Michael Goldfine, Hannah Hart and Grace Helbig

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