Kin Community launches dedicated distribution arm

VP of business development Sarah Passe tells StreamDaily why YouTube is not the only video platform for women's lifestyle content.
October 14, 2015

Sarah Passe, VP of business development at Kin Community, believes it’s time to show the world that women’s lifestyle content can live on platforms other than YouTube.

That’s the reason behind a decision by the women’s lifestyle MCN to expand its operations to include video distribution, Passe (pictured) told StreamDaily. Kin Network Distribution (KND) officially launched Oct. 13.

“In the past, it’s been unclear as to whether or not there was a place for women’s lifestyle content on other platforms,” she said“Right now, we’re at a time with more devices, more platforms and more engagement, so we’ve realized this is the best time to look into distributing our content and our talent across these new platforms.”

Women’s lifestyle content has also been growing on more short-form platforms like Vine and Instagram, and more MCNs have been signing talent native to those spaces (Refinery29 recently signed Instagrammer Danielle Bernstein to its influencer network, and Collective’s new VP of lifestyle Melody Hammer said the MCN will look to expand lifestyle content to mobile platforms like Periscope).

Passe said KND will look to sign partnerships with VOD, OTT and linear TV providers, with a focus on long-form content.

The first platforms Kin will be distributing its content to are Facebook, Twitter, Amazon and Scripps’s ULive platform. Passe said Kin will also look to partner with a host of other upcoming digital and linear platforms, and will look at signing new talent to create content for new platforms.

“We’re really exploring all options for anyone that is focused on women, ages 18 to 34,” she said. “That pool is really expanding beyond just YouTube.”

Passe said Kin is focusing on platforms that are ad-supported and free for users to consume.

As its distribution operation grows, Passe said the network may create new positions or hire new team members to help creators package their content for different platforms. No further details of those plans were available.

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