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Charlie Brooker brings Black Mirror originals to Netflix

The SVOD giant has confirmed it's commissioned 12 new episodes of the critically acclaimed series, which taps into our collective techno-paranoia.
September 25, 2015

The latest Netflix teaser offers little more information than a title accompanied by the kind of unsettling soundtrack that makes you look over your shoulder, twice. But fans of Charlie Brooker’s creepy/freaky anthology Black Mirror, which previously aired on Britain’s Channel 4 from 2011-2013, don’t need much more to get the message: More mind-bending episodes are on their way to digital screens the world over.

The SVOD confirmed Sept. 25 it’s has commissioned House of Tomorrow (a production house started in 2014 by Brooker and Anabel Jones within Endemol UK)  to produce 12 new episodes as a Netflix original series. Brooker and Jones, who executive produced previous episodes of the series, will continue to serve as executive producers and showrunners for the new digital episodes. Brooker has begun writing the new script, with the episodes scheduled to begin production in late 2014 from the series’ production base in the U.K.

Brooker called Netflix “the most fitting platform imaginable” for the critically acclaimed show, which taps into our collective techno-paranoia and unease with the modern world. The new episodes will maintain the existing story structure: each one is written as a strong-alone story. The anthology recognized with an international Emmy, Peabody and Rose D’Or, and been nominated for a Bafta.

“Netflix connects us with a global audience so we can create bigger, stranger, more international and diverse stories than before, whilst maintaining the Black Mirror feel,” said Brooker in a statement. “I just hope none of these new story ideas come true.”

The show’s roll-out date on the streaming platform has not yet been announced, but Netflix has confirmed it will premiere across its global territories outside the U.K. and Ireland. Plans for the latter two regions are still being determined.

Netflix already has streaming rights to the anthology, which debuted on the service in 2014.




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