Devin Super Tramp hits the big screen(s)

The adventure vlogger has partnered with tech company Barco for a short film that debuted in 14 U.S. theaters.
September 21, 2015

Adventure vlogger Devin Graham — known to his 3.4 million YouTube subscribers as Devin Super Tramp — hit the big screens Sept. 18.

Graham, part of Fullscreen’s digital talent pool, appeared on screen as part of a short film on the immersive Barco Escape platform. Barco Escape was created by tech hardware company Barco, which works with theaters to add two extra viewing screens on the sides of auditoriums, giving viewers a more panoramic experience.

Barco collaborated with Graham to develop the exclusive piece for the Barco Escape, which is being shown prior to screenings of Maze Runner: Scorch Trials. The teen-targeted adventure movie grossed $30.3 million on its opening weekend.

Graham’s short film features what the vlogger does best — bungee jumping and cliff-diving at various exotic locations around the world. His film is not currently available on any other platforms.

The Barco Escape platform is available in 14 theaters across the U.S., with most locations in California and Texas.

Barco said in a media statement that it has already committed to a second film collaboration with Graham.

This isn’t the first time Graham, who recently won a Streamy Award for cinematography, has been asked to show off his talents for a corporate partner. He recently paired with Contiki Holidays as part of its digital “Contiki Legends” campaign, which showcased popular vloggers across the globe.

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