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Frederator MCN grows with 90 new channels

With the addition of the new channels, the network's subscriber base now totals more than 27 million.
August 27, 2015

YouTube MCN Channel Frederator Network has added more than 90 new channels, which in turn has brought its subscription base to total more than 27 million.

Hailing from 11 countries, the additions include channels from animation stars Emezie Orakafor and Kevin Ramos (pictured).

The former features a hit animated series entitled Porkchop ‘n Flatscreen, which is an original scripted narrative web series that draws millions of views per episode. Meanwhile, Ramos’ YouTube channel, a Spanish-language channel out of the Canary Islands, features a variety of animated shorts.

Channel Frederator’s flagship channel Cartoon Hangover, which features signature franchise Bravest Warriors and the Streamy-nominated series Bee & Puppycat, was launched in late 2012 by animation luminary Fred Seibert as a collaborative forum through which indie animators could exhibit their content. Last summer, Channel Frederator Network added 200 new channels, bringing its total subscriber base to 9.5 million at the time.

Story courtesy of Kidscreen.


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