Aussie SVOD service Presto acquires rights to several U.S. hits

NBCU comedies Parks and Recreation and 30 Rock are now available for streaming on the platform, with a slate of dramas coming soon.
August 25, 2015

Presto, an Australian SVOD service that launched in January, has acquired streaming rights to a number of NBCUniversal shows, including 30 Rock and Parks and Recreation.

The company announced the acquisition on Facebook. It has also acquired streaming rights for NBCU properities Grimm, Bates Motel and Heroes.

Linear favorites 30 Rock and Parks and Rec (star Nick Offerman, pictured) are already available, while no date has been announced by the company on the other series.

Presto has been available in Australia just slightly longer than SVOD giant Netflix, which launched Down Under in March 2015. So far, Presto has no original content. However, it has been continuously adding new TV programs and movies (many from the U.S.) to its service since its launch.

Its pricing model contains different levels of monthly membership: $9.99 AU ($7 U.S.) for movies only, $9.99 AU for TV only, or $14.99 AU ($11 U.S.) for both. Netflix, meanwhile, starts memberships at $8.99 AU ($6.50 U.S.) per month and increases the price depending on the number of users on the account.

In May, the Australian federal government passed a bill broadly referred to as the “Netflix tax.” The goods and services tax is reportedly intended to be applied to all cross-border online retailers, which includes e-books and digitally purchased music. The tax is set to go into effect in July 2017 adding 10% on top of subscription fees and purchases.

Presto is currently available for streaming online, through smart TV sets and via Chromecast. The company has said on Facebook that it is currently working on video game console support.

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  • Mark Le Blanc said:

    Interesting that the Aussies went with a GST for online content. Seems like a no-brainer for governments (unless you’re going into an election). It seems fair, as domestic content deliverers are subject to it, and it won’t affect Netflix, as it would just be passed onto the consumer.

  • vbroutray said:

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