Maker Studios parts ways with Erin McPherson

A rep for the Disney-owned MCN says there are no immediate plans to find a replacement for the outgoing executive.
August 24, 2015

Maker Studios has parted ways with its chief content officer, Erin McPherson

News of McPherson’s departure was confirmed by a spokesperson for the Disney-owned multi-channel network Aug. 24.

Erin McPherson is no longer with Maker Studios per mutual agreement with the company. Maker does not have any immediate plans to replace her role,” the rep said in an email to StreamDaily.

McPherson (pictured) started her career as an entertainment lawyer in Hollywood, with big-name clients including Halle Berry, Kevin Spacey, and Zachary Quinto. She came to Maker in 2013  from Yahoo, where she worked as VP and head of video programming and originals.

At Maker, it’s been her responsibility to oversee all aspects of original content, series development across platforms, strategic programming partnerships, and talent relationships across the MCN. It was no small job. Maker is among the largest digital networks in the world, with 55,000 creators worldwide, generating 10 billion views every month, according to the network. The company has signed some of the biggest digital stars in the business, including gaming sensation PewDiePie (Felix Kjellberg), whose subscriber base of nearly 39 million puts him well ahead of any other influencer on YouTube in the world.

A bio published on the Stream Market site in support of McPherson’s appearance at this year’s digital conference in Santa Monica states that, under her leadership, Maker now has more than 270 shows in various stages of development and 40 active productions.

At press time, her company profile remained on the Maker Studios site. Efforts to reach McPherson were not successful.

Disney paid $500 million for the MCN in 2014, with another $450 million promised to shareholders if the company met certain performance-based targets. The company is growing, however, there are reports that indicate the MCN has fallen short of those targets, and many have speculated that an executive shake-up was likely to happen.

Along with McPherson, Maker has reportedly also split with its head of marketing, Jeremy Welt. At press time, however, Welt’s departure remained unconfirmed.

Last week, Endemol Beyond USA, the digital arm of the global Endemol Shine media brand, announced it had parted ways with its top executive, Will Keenan. Adrian Sexton, network COO, has since been appointed interim president in Keenan’s absence.

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