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MiTu pushes further into mobile video

While no details have been firmed up, the hiring of an Upworthy exec and promised creator tools offer a peek into the MCN's new mobile strategy.
August 19, 2015

It was YouTube’s Susan Wojcicki who grabbed most of the headlines when, at this year’s VidCon, she told a packed house the platform currently sees more than half of its video views coming from mobile.

That statistic was significant enough to prompt the Google-owned streaming giant to restructure its strategic priorities, with a decided emphasis on “mobile, mobile, mobile,” Wojcicki declared.

But the rise of mobile is nothing new to many in the digital industry. Notably, the Latino-focused MCN MiTú has seen mobile consumption rates soar off-the-charts this year.

According to Beatriz Acevido, MiTú president, mobile traffic makes up a full 80% of the network’s traffic, and, just as it’s done over at YouTube, that demand is fueling changes at the network in the way it creates and delivers content.

To that end, the network announced it has hired Michael Su as chief product officer. Su’s role will see him responsible for overseeing and developing the company’s product division and work to expand the network’s technology platform.

Previously, Su served viagra price as head of product for Upworthy. He also worked at Break Media, where he was VP of product.

The expansion to the executive ranks comes as the network pushes forward with plans to develop what it calls a “state-of-the-art” technology platform in partnership with the team behind Lightt. Lightt is the company behind a series of apps that offer video creators Instagram-like tools to create, edit accutane mechanism and share content online. MiTú acquired the company earlier this year in a bid to accelerate its own video creation and sharing capabilities.

The company had few details to release at press time on just what the new platform will offer, though Alex Mostoufi, MiTú’s chief technology officer and founder of Lightt, said in a statement it will bring a wide range of media creation and audience development tools.

Roy Burstin, CEO of MiTú, added the move comes amid rapidly evolving media consumption habits, with audiences engaging on a rate of social platforms that are constantly changing.

“To succeed we need to provide outstanding support to our influencers while learning how our audiences are consuming content across all available platforms, and what are the categories that perform best,” he said.

MiTú executives said they plan plavix on announcing the roll out of various new products and new partnerships beginning in Q4 2015.



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