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Jukin Media inks content deal with RecordSetter

Did you know the most toothpicks in a beard is 2,222? It's among the 40,000 user-generated videos acquired under the agreement.
August 19, 2015

Continuing its pattern of growth, viral-video distributor Jukin Media is set to expand its library once again after inking an exclusive content deal with the company behind the website.

The agreement allows Jukin access to RecordSetter’s library of 40,000-plus user-generated digital videos. In return, Jukin will repackage the content and licence it out to advertising brands, publishers and linear television networks.

RecordSetter is an online platform for people seeking to share their record-setting accomplishments, whatever they may be. That can include physical feats such as no-handed bicycle wheelies, backwards bowling stunts, and roller-skate limbo (pictured), to more unusual records such as “most consecutive balloon volleys by two dogs” and “largest toothpick beard.” (Note: The current world record for number of toothpicks in a beard is 2,222.)

Record seekers can upload their content to the company website where the records are verified by RecordSetter’s in-house team.

Andrew Dignan, Jukin’s director of licensing, said in a statement the RecordSetter library is one of a kind, noting the deal serves to reinforce his own company’s efforts to position itself as the “go-to” resource for viewers looking to license user-generated videos across categories.

Jukin has built its business on finding and acquiring user-generated videos online, and monetizing that collection through licencing and packaging deals with linear television companies, online platforms and OTT services.

It recently added content to its library from Tiny Riot!’s Pet Collective channel, featuring adorable puppies and kittens and other viral pet-centric videos. Jukin’s own successful FailArmy brand, meanwhile, has garnered about eight million subscribers and 1.7 billion views to date on YouTube.

In July, Samsung Venture (the investment arm of Samsung) injected $2 million into Jukin to accelerate the company’s growth and expand investments into technology and original content production.




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