FloSports debuts bodybuilding and Jiu-Jitsu verticals

The OTT service is expanding its specialty offerings, which already include softball, gymnastics, wrestling and others.
August 19, 2015

OTT service FloSports has delved deeper into the world of specialty sports with the introduction of FloMuscle and FloGrappling.

The two new speciality channels will feature content focusing on bodybuilding and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu, respectively. They will appear as new dedicated verticals on FloSports, which also features FloTrack, FloWrestling, FloElite, MileSplit, FloSoftball (which formed after FloSports’s acquisition of Full Count Softball) and Gymnastike.

FloGrappling went live Aug. 18, while FloMuscle made its debut Aug. 15.

Like its other channels, FloMuscle and FloGrappling feature live-event streaming as well as original content ranging from news and commentary to technique videos for amateur athletes at home. FloGrappling’s first major live stream event will be the Polaris Professional Jiu-Jitsu Invitational Sept. 12 in Cardiff, Wales.

FloSports co-founder and CEO Martin Floreani said in a statement that fans of bodybuilding and Jiu-Jitsu tend to look for authentic coverage presented by people with in-depth knowledge of the sports, which is why a specialty service is more appropriate for these kinds of niche interest.

“Bodybuilding and Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu fans crave authentic content, in-depth storytelling and live streams of top events in their respective sports, and we look forward to delivering it,” said Floreani.

While some SVOD and OTT services such as Netflix and Hulu serve a more general audience, an increase of niche SVOD and OTT services have been rolling out in recent months. The new company TableRock Media is planning on launching an OTT service filled with dedicated channels for niche interests including guitar and aviation, and Muvi Studio has launched a global OTT service with spiritual content for followers of the Hare Krishna movement.

Jiu-Jitsu and bodybuilding fit the bill for their own services, according to the FloSports team.

“There’s a groundswell of popularity for bodybuilding, particularly as it relates to physique, bikini, fitness and figure competitions,” said FloMuscle GM Jami Debernard.

FloSports memberships cost $12.99 per month for access to all of FloSports’s channels. Content is available through desktop browsers and mobile viewing devices.

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